Thanks to Fastmail.FM

16 April 2014 Comments off

I was already extremely pleased with Fastmail.FM as my dedicated email service. Their response to recent events was exemplary. Thanks also to the helpful forum. Fastmail deserve recommendation.

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Rule-set for Nash Whist collaborative card game

9 December 2013 Comments off

Playing cards is a great way to spend an evening: interaction, laughter, keeping mentally active.

Our group wanted a game that has all the 52 cards in play, so that like Bridge one can keep mental track of what cards remain to be played. So not as in “Five Hundred” (a popular, but too simple game here in Australia) which has a kitty of three hidden cards.

Another popular game here “Solo Whist” is closer to what we want, so we enhanced that game into what we call “Nash Whist” by adding a more complete bidding system and streamlined the play into a fast game.

Usually it is four-handed, but can accommodate three to six players.

The focus of the game is collaboration. When the defence alliance (which is different for each round) can utilise their hands and co-operate well, then the declarer person can be prevented from making their contract.

The process to evolve the rules has been like an open source development. We each propose some way to make the game better, or even simpler so that it flows smoothly. We try out these ideas, to be incorporated if relevant.

The rule-set does now seem to be sufficient, so i have documented it.


Updated breakfast recipe

9 September 2013 Comments off

Tweaked our breakfast saviour Recipe: Bircher Muesli Rolled Oats. If we run out of oat grain, then we use the rye that we normally have for bread-making.

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Moved on from the co-op

8 September 2013 Comments off

I have finished my role in the establishment of the trading co-operative.
Now moved on to other projects.

Qtstalker moves to Subversion

7 May 2013 Comments off

The Qtstalker open source charting and analysis tool project has been going through another quiet phase again (see my previous posts, especially about the out-of-date website).

Recently i assisted Steve to migrate from CVS to SVN. That has settled now. Awaiting further code progress.

Collaborating to build stock market trading tools

16 November 2012 Comments off

In a previous post i introduced the Australian Share Traders Co-operative, with our own funding and development of our TurboTrader tools for filtering and presenting live Australian ASX share market data.

The first stage of TurboTrader Mach2 was recently released, being the complete re-structure of the services. Performance has been robust, with new computing equipment assisting with the load of modern trading systems.

The new TurboTrader is a powerful browser-based solution, taking advantage of modern browsers to provide comprehensive configurable desktops and efficient data presentation.

It also has vastly improved Charts, for both long-term and intra-day time scales. The integration of the TA-Lib technical analysis library enables additional configurable chart indicators.

The Search facility enables the combination of various criteria to concisely present just the assets that are recently making movements.

The documentation is completely re-written, this time using a wiki so that we can collaborate to evolve that documentation.

With that infrastructure in place, we are now proceeding to fine-tune the Portfolio facility. This utilises the Searches in conjunction with a scoring system to gather assets that it likes, then selects and manages with buy/sell/hold rules, using actual live stock market data.

Please proceed to utilise the 14-day free trial, which enables use of the top-level of live services. Be sure to come to the Support chat-room where the group can assist with understanding the tools and the live trading opportunities. Or perhaps you are interested in the technical aspects of a modern HTML/CSS/AJAX browser-based application – feel free, we would love your feedback. Anyone can do the trial, but only once, so use it wisely.

Subscribers can enquire about becoming new members of the Co-op to assist with funding and building the tools, and to participate in the business. Foundation membership is still available while we build up the subscriber base.

As explained by the “International Year of Co-operatives 2012” this is a new way of operating: as a group collaborating to build their own trading analysis tools.

Qtstalker getting closer

14 September 2012 Comments off

The Qtstalker open source charting and analysis tool project has been going through a quiet phase again (see my previous posts, especially about the out-of-date website). However there are a couple of recent events that are encouraging:

Steve made another big CVS commit which settles the main new structure. I followed on to do some testing, and yes it does also run on Mac OS X. Now i gather that we are waiting for Steve to add some example scripts and some basic new docs. Then people like me can further assist.

Yes, the forums lists are quiet. Another one of those projects that has the good beginning of a community and a product. So when the main developer has been quiet for a while, it is delicate. Recently Steve posted regarding the benefit of open source and the need to compare results of technical analysis indicators in various systems and to compare available market data.